Searching for bikes


Are you looking for the bike of your dreams but cannot find it?

Or maybe you wonder if there is a chance to find it in a better condition, color or price?


The Bike2Hand team is here to find it!


Have us search for your dream bike and we will contact our suppliers, owners of unique models, find that one and only bike through our familiar channels and deliver it to you!


How does it work?


  1. You entrust us to search for your dream bike by filling out an online spreadsheet. The more details you enter into it, the greater the chance of final success.
  1. Our team starts the search. We generally come back with our first suggestions within 5 days of the request. If the bike is very unique it may take longer, however if we do not find the bike of your dreams for you by 30 days then the search is over. However, if you have further patience and care about a particular bike then the Bike2Hand team turns this order into an observation mode and monitors bikes around the world up to a total of 90 days from the order start date.
  1. If your dream bike has been found, it’s decision time – you buy it or not
  1. If the bike of your dreams is not found, we hope you trust that we have done our best to make your dream come true. If we ever spot it we will get back to you with the feedback!



How much does it cost?


The cost of such an order is a deposit of EUR 150
If we find your bike and you buy it, we will reduce the price by this amount, so the search is already included in the price.
If we find your bike, but you decide not to buy it, the above amount will be transferred to the Bike2Hand account and we promise to invest it wisely in order to constantly develop Bike2Hand – by doing so, we hope that you will not be sad.
If we do not find the bike of your dreams, we will return half of the amount, i.e. EUR 75, and EUR 75 is a fee for our work and calling half of the world, or sometimes the whole world, to make your dream come true. It is a fair deal for us and we hope it works for you too.


Fill out the form and wait for our contact: