Pimp Your Bike


If everything you see on the streets, on Bike2Hand or in other bike stores is not enough, the Bike2Hand team has prepared a professional customization service!





We can perform the service on a bike you already own, or first go through the selection process together.


We can choose a fully functional bike as a base for changes, or create a bike from scratch, choosing components from the very beginning in order to achieve your goal.


Customization can be either purely visual, or it can be expanded to include component upgrades.



The key to this process is communication and clarification of your needs. This is why there is no standard way of communication – be it email, instant messaging, online or live meetings – everything is done to complete a project that both parties will be proud of.



Unless you decide to commission us to build a bike of our choice based on your guidelines and expectations – in that case, share with us an outline of your expectations, sit back and wait for 3D visualization.



fter accepting our visualization of your expectations we will start with the project!



Are you interested in carrying out a unique project? Contact us via email: sklep@bike2hand.pl


In the field of 3D visualization we cooperate with one of the largest 3D visualization and animation offices in Europe – VISUAL TIGERS Ltd.