Less waste


This is the philosophy that guided us when we were creating Bike2Hand.


It was a natural step for us, having read about the number of new bikes being sold all over Europe, the ever-increasing demand, the wait of several months for a desired bike.


After all, over the last 30-35 years a multitude of fantastic bikes have been manufactured, which to this day are better than many cheap (as well as those expensive, but nicely painted) bikes. Plus there are mispurchases (especially regarding frame size), lack of frequent use of their own bikes, etc. etc.


It became our duty to create a place where these bikes could find new buyers, get a second life and serve for years to come. As well as the expansion of the webshop and marketplace to include services such as retrofitting, searching for models on demand and customizing them.

Betting on durability and quality

Less is better, but of better quality

Giving a second life

Using what has already been manufactured

Repairing what can be repaired