B2H Certificate

Bike2Hand is a meeting place for all bicycle enthusiasts. It is also a place where you can find your new (although used) bike.

When buying a bike, the key aspects are for what purpose it will be used as well as its size, but when buying a used bike there are additional aspects:

– what condition is the bike in?
– will you be able to ride it right away or will you need extensive servicing which will add to the cost?


Considering the prices of the bikes and in order to satisfy both sides of the transaction, i.e. the seller and the buyer, B2H has implemented a Quality Certificate, which is called the B2H Certificate.


What is B2H Certificate?


This is the assurance that the bike is in exactly the same condition as described on the bike2hand.com website and has been thoroughly checked (as well as serviced if necessary) by the bike2hand team.


Furthermore, the bike is at least in very good or excellent condition.


What does the bike preparation process look like?


The bike is completely disassembled and each of its components is cleaned and prepared for months and years of use.
If certain elements require it, they are replaced with new ones (especially elements that are heavily used – tires, chain, etc.).
All components are selected for the specific bike model – they are original components, dedicated for that type, or better if newer components that fit that bike already exist.


Is the B2H Certificate a warranty?


Yes and no. A B2H certificate is not a warranty as defined by law.
It is, however, a guarantee that the bike is in at least very good working condition (as a general rule, most bikes are in excellent condition) and ready for you to enjoy riding.

Available bikes with B2H Certificate: