About us

Bike2Hand is a virtual place for all bicycle fans.

A place where you can find your new bike, read interesting articles and tutorials, a place where you can report or check if a given bike is stolen, have B2H experts look for a specific bike, sell your bike or insure your bike.

Our goal is to become a daily partner for everyone for whom bicycles are the same as they are for us – an indispensable and very important part of everyday life.

Together with the team, we are constantly working on expanding B2H features and services to become a more comprehensive biking platform while holding ourselves to our own very high standards.

Bike2Hand is much more than a sales platform or a marketplace. It is a virtual embodiment of the less waste philosophy and creation of a place where we can all make our dreams about bikes come true, while taking care of our planet and being in harmony with ourselves.


If there is something you are missing from Bike2Hand, or you want to share an idea with us – great! We’d love to hear from you! Share your opinion via email: