For several years now, we have seen a continuous increase in the number of bikes on the roads in Europe. The number of stolen bicycles is also constantly increasing, especially as their value and lack of availability continues to rise.


Has your bike been stolen?


Enter it into our stolen bikes database. Let others know what it looks like, what characteristics it has.

This may help both you in getting your bike back and buyers of used bikes before buying a stolen item (note: it is worth reading Article 292 of the Criminal Code).


Remember, Bike2Hand brings together a very broad cycling community. There are people among us who live their lives by bicycles 24/7, we browse social media, look through available bicycle offers – one can risk a statement that there is no way a member of our bicycle community will not come across a stolen bicycle, or an offer of its parts for sale. It is important that we have easy access to check a particular model or part.


So if you are unfortunate enough to have your bike stolen, please let us know here!